Fix-It Stagecoach

FIX-IT STAGECOACH. Plastic stagecoach w/ horses. Stagecoach is red w/ yellow doors on either side and cut out windows. Gold embossed decals are beneath windows and below door on both sides. Black plastic lanterns are attached to side of stagecoach and seat w/ footrest is on top of stagecoach. Stagecoach has yellow roof, soft yellow plastic tarp on back and four large black wagon wheels. Stagecoach is being pulled by two white horses w/ marbled grey pattern. Both horses are in a running position. Interior of stagecoach is brown w/ moulded plastic benches. Various plastic accessories are in interior of coach. Coach c/w brown plastic driver figure in a sitting position, wearing cowboy boots. Stagecoach can be taken apart and reassembled using accessories. C/w box. Manufactured by Ideal. Made in USA, c. 1955.

$125.00 USD

Dimensions 13.8 × 3.9 × 5.9 in

Very Fine, Old Store Stock, W/ Original Box