Turbo-Jet Car

TURBO JET CAR. Model No. 4867 super-sonic space car w/ launching platform. Car is yellow and saped like a racecar w/ wings. Car has grey plastic pointed front, red transparent dome over driver’s seat and grey plastic rudder. Car has four large black wheels and hole in back for spring. C/w tin lithographed launching mechanism. Lauching mechanism features a yellow platform and a domed cover over spring motor. Dome is silver, w/ design of red lightning bolts and mechanical doors. Button on top of dome releases car, and crank on back of dome winds spring. When spring is wound, siren sound is heard, and when button is pushed, car is released. C/w box. Manufactured by Ideal. Made in USA, c. 1950.

$90.00 USD

Dimensions 5.5 × 17.7 × 5.3 in

Very Good




Lithograph, Plastic, Tin

Condition Notes

Rust on domed launching mechanism. Crank makes noise when wound, but car does not launch far upon release.