Set of 3 Small Christmas Ornaments

SANTA ORNAMENT. Santa Claus figurine is made of light plastic and is hollow.  Santa is smiling, wearing red uniform,  has red hat on head and is carrying red sack on back. Likely manufactured by Irwin. Made in USA, c. 1940. 3.5″ tall.

ELF ORNAMENT. Plastic elf figurine and Christmas tree ornament. Elf is made of hard plastic, is hollow and is standing upright. He has pale spraypainted skin, a red uniform w/ large green shoes and a spraypainted green hat with a feather in it. He is holding girl doll in left hand and has horse toy tucked underneath right arm. Likely manufactured by Rosbro. Made in USA, c. 1940. 3.25″ tall.

SNOWMAN ORNAMENT. Snowman shaped figurine is made of light plastic and is hollow. Snowman is smiling, wearing a white scarf, red spraypainted fedora, and red buttons down front of body. Snowman is holding a red broom with one hand and is tipping his hat w/ the other. Likely manufactured by Bradford. Made in USA, c. 1940. 3″ tall.


$25.00 USD




Bradford, Irwin, Rosbro


Plastic, Styrene

Condition Notes

No makers marks.

Multiple available. Given the vintage nature of these items, each one is a unique piece and may exhibit slight variations.

Santa in excellent condition w/ minor surface wear.  Snowman is very good and has adhesive residue along side seams and paint on broom, hat, face is wearing off. Elf is fine/very fine with some sparypaint wearing off face, hat and toys in spots.