Sparkling Torpedo Boat

SPARKLING TORPEDO BOAT. Plastic torpedo boat. Boat has grey-green upper half and white lower half. Boat has cabin w/o interior, embossed steering wheel and white male figurine standing at wheel. Back of ship has domed compartment w/ large double gun inside. Man is standing behind gun, aiming it. Metal wind-up key extends from centre of ship. Side of ship features sticker of eagle on it. Metal wind-up key extends from centre of boat. When key is wound, propeller at back of boat spins and sparks shoot out of gun. C/w box. Manufactured by Ideal. Made in USA, c. 1950.

$100.00 USD

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Dimensions 3.9 × 11.8 × 3.9 in

Very Good, W/ Original Box





Condition Notes

Rust on key and some dirt on white accents. Sparking mechanism no longer works but propeller still spins.