Howard Johnson Ice Cream Truck

HOWARD JOHNSON ICE CREAM TRUCK. Plastic delivery truck. Truck is beige w/ hollow cab w/o interior. “HOWARD — JOHNSON’S” stickers are on side doors of cab. Trailer is beige w/ large stickers on both sides. Sticker is beige w/ green text “HOWARD JOHNSON’S — 28 FLAVORS — TRADE MARK — ICE CREAM SHOPPES AND RESTAURANTS.” Image on sticker depicts large building, and a child and dog being served ice cream. Sticker is the same on both sides of truck. Back of truck has double doors and “HOWARD — JOHNSON’S” stickers on them. Doors open to reveal hollow interior. Manufactured by Marx. Made in USA, c. 1952.

$55.00 USD

Dimensions 9.4 × 3.7 × 4.3 in






Condition Notes

All stickers have faded and have become slightly discoloured. Adhesive residue is visible on many places of truck.