Curvo 1000 Motorcycle

CURVO 1000 MOTORCYCLE. Tin lithographed motorcycle w/ driver. Motorcycle is red and beige w/ “Curvo” lithographed on left side of fuel tank. Motorcycle has  hole for wind-up key in left back side. There is a dial above the handlebars which can be turned to make the monocycle drive around in one of seven patterns, which are illustrated on the left side of the front fender.  Man is wearing a beige helmet w/ goggles, a green shirt, brown pants and brown gloves. He is leaning forward on motorcycle, holding on to handlebars. Manufactured by Schuco. Made in US Zone Germany, c. 1950.

Front wheel is missing.

$200.00 USD

Dimensions 4.5 × 2 × 3.5 in





Lithograph, Metal, Tin

Condition Notes

Missing front wheel. Some scratches and scuffs in lithograph.